Media audio in car does not work, but phone call does

Under the bluetooth connection it says something like: “Connection problem. turn off and on.”
I have restarted the phone and car.
Calling works, but when playing music it comes from the phone.
The car is a Mercedes Sprinter 313 cdi.

Hi notnaton and welcome to the community forum!

Be aware that Bluetooth is complicated, and in particular, devices are characterized by “profiles” (more details here) which indicate what services they offer. In some cases it’s important to make sure you’re connecting to the correct profile, and this is typical when there are alternatives such as hands-free headset (for phone functions) and stereo sound systems (for playing music, or conversely reading audio files stored on the phone, by software running on the car).

FP4 offers Bluetooth 5.1

Are you connecting the car to the phone, or the phone to the car? Although BT devices can switch roles, it might be important to initiate the connection from the phone, not from the car as is often done.

Check the car’s user manual, and check what alternatives the phone may be giving you for the BT connection. You may want to have the phone “forget” the pairing with the car (or vice versa) to see the options again.

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