Media and alarm sound muted, greyed out?

From time to time I find that I suddenly am not able to adjust the media sound anymore: It is muted and the volume buttons do not get the sound back. When I go to the settings menu, I find that the media and alarm sound settings both muted, and greyed out so I cannot adjust anything there. I have not been able to find out what triggered this (bluetooth? headphone?).

Does anyone have the same problem? Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?

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I have also noticed this behaviour. But in my case it was when I listened to music and used Camera MX and had chosen to mute shutter sound in that app. (Before 1.2.8 when there was no such choice in the regular camera app). This setting spread to the regular camera app and when taking photos it muted the music as well. But only if I listened to music at the same time, and I also saw the greyed out volume bars, what worked for me was to “kill” the app by swiping it away from “recently used apps”. So if you know of any such app that you use it might be the cause.

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