Meanwhile: What Apple is doing (Apple: 2016 Conflict Minerals Reports)

Not sure if those were posted here already, searching for them showed no results. I thought I already posed them?

But below are quotes from and links to the 2016 Conflict Minerals Reports from Apple. They are an interesting read, especially if compared to older reports that describe the tin mines Apple uses/has used. Nice wording Apple … but still progress. Somehow.

"Years ago, we discovered that many small-scale tin mines in Indonesia were operating
with practices that put workers’ safety at risk. We also found that unsustainable mining
practices were polluting the ocean and soil that are crucial to local communities."

"Apple reviewed more than 700 iTSCi reports for 2015 relating to incidents, potentially associated with mine sites connected to various smelters in Apple’s supply chain. These smelters also support many other companies in the electronics industry. Based on its review, Apple found that in a few cases individuals associated or potentially associated with armed groups, in particular the police in the DRC and the DRC national army, were alleged to be involved in incidents linked to smelters in Apple’s supply chain. While, to date, Apple does not have reason to believe that these incidents resulted in associated specified minerals being included in Apple’s products, Apple remains concerned about a number of reported incidents. "

“Apple determined to expand its smelter and refiner base participating in Third Party Audit programs rather than simply ban minerals from the Region in its supply chain. Apple’s decision was intended in part to increase the number of such participating smelters and refiners across the industry, not only in Apple’s supply chain. What began with 109 identified non-compliant smelters and refiners at the end of 2010, turned into significant, measurable progress over a few short years.”

The focus on gold was chosen because of the low number of gold mine sites participating in a traceability program, and a high concentration of armed groups purportedly involved in the gold trade

Links (They include smelters and refiners reported in Apple’s supply chain as Of December 31, 2015. )

Apple: Supplier Responsibility Standard, Conflict Minerals

Apple: Conflict_Minerals_Report_2016.pdf


You did not happen to find some sort of “ethics report” or something along the line of “social values”?
*cough* Foxconn *cough*

But hey, they seem to have noticed that caring about conflict minerals affects the company’s reputation. At least, that’s a good start (I guess).


Yes, it shows PR at work … like everywhere. It’s hard to figure out “the truth” between all those re-framings and re-wording tricks.

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