Meaning of symbol in FP4 notification area


What does the rectangular shape in notification area of an FP4 running stock Android 11 mean? I thought that this would indicate the availability of a system update, but Settings->System->Advanced->System Update doesn’t indicate as such.

That means you have turned off the auto-rotate feature.


That’s not a default setting, right? I suppose System UI Tuner methods must be used to enable that icon? Which isn’t available anymore since Android 11 I think. At least not natively.

The icon still exists, at least in CalyxOS (Android 12 / AOSP based):

But you have to enable it and it looks different, haven’t seen it used on FPOS either :man_shrugging:
Is auto-rotate ON still the default setting on stock Android 11? :thinking: If that’s the case, that icon does make sense.

Right. I don’t know to be honest. It’s switched off in my case, but I’m not sure what the default settings was as I was playing with it a bit.

I’m on the FP4 stock Android and have never seen that icon. Auto-Rotate was on as far as I can remember and I usually have it off. So if that would be the default icon for it, I should see it as well, but I don’t. It really looks more like the update notification to me.

A11 on FP3 doesn’t produce that icon when auto-rotate is disbaled

when you have the feature enabled and when you then disable auto-rotate it looks as seen in the OPs screenshot.

On FPOS you can only see this feature e.g. be installing the System UI Tuner App as indicated by @Uppercase

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