Meaning of one of the top icons android 12

Hi there

I have a SIM-card and with android 11 it just gave the triangle to say how much provider connectivity there is. After upgrading to android 12 there is an exclamation mark in it.
This is the first time I see this and can not find anywhere on the internet an explanation.
My SIM-card works fine, I can make and receive calls or SMS.

Any ideas what it means and maybe how to solve the problem if there is one?
Thanks in advance

I believe it indicates that while you have a mobile signal, there is currently no data connection on the same SIM – you should be able to verify or falsify my assumption easily :wink:


Whike you are using a wifi connection and unselect mobile data, you see that exclamation point

You are right. The mobile data and WiFi should be switched on.
Since I very rarely use mobile data and the exclamation point is blocking a part of my service indication, is there a way to get rid of it without turning on the mobile data toggle?

Thanks for the input.


Hey to Switch in the flight Mode, wait a few Seconds and Switch ist off. I have had the Same Problem and this solved it everytime.

For completeness, the previous version of Android used a little cross instead of an exclamation mark. In my experience it indicates that mobile data is switched off; maybe also other problems related to the mobile data connection. I’m not aware of any association with the Wi-Fi connection.

Hi ThorVoos
I don’t observe that behaviour. Just to be clear, is your mobile data switched on or off? Ampulex asked about making the exclamation mark disappear even though mobile data is switched off (I doubt that is possible as that would defeat the purpose of the icon).

My Mobiledata ist Most of the time Switch Off, only when i need it.
If this Symbol ist schön, you should also Not have any mobile Phone Connection so you are Not able to get a call or perform a call.
If I Switch in the mobile Data there is another Symbol for Data Connection.

The mark stays even after switching on and off the flight mode.
When I turn on the mobile data it the exclamation mark disappears. But then it means if I don’t have WiFi I will use data. Since it’s not in my pack I don’t want that for useless things like mails or messaging. I also turn it on just when I need it.

It’s just so annoying it is covering the other symbol that is more important.

Thanks for the replies.


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