MDM (Mobile Device Management)

I started a small reseach on MDM software and the bigger ones are as far as I know:

  • G Suite from Google,
  • AirWatch,
  • Mobilelron,
  • Samsung Knox, …

Does anyone have experiences using FP1, FP1u and/or FP2 with MDM?

Is there also an open source solution?


Useful links:

I don’t know nothing about MDM, but…

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Thanks for the feedback so far :slight_smile:

I had no time to try any of the mentioned solutions, but I think I will try out the following solutions and report how they are working on Fairphones:

  • Google G Suite (which is free for NGOs)
  • Samsung Knox (several Austrian providers offer this to their business partners)
  • WSO2 (which is open source)
  • (maybe) Airwatch

I think MDM is an interesting field.
On the one hand (as a sysadmin) you want to administrate your devices easily, on the other hand these tools have a lot of power over the devices and their data (e.g. remote wipe etc.).
I’m curious about the user acceptance to such tools. What are your experiences?

Last Thursday I talked to a T-Mobile employee about this topic (also referencing to your curiosity) and he said that he wouldn’t use a Fairphone for both his work and private communication because due to company regulations he would have to install a MDM software (don’t know which).

Then the company could monitor both his work and his private SIM card. Or are there ways to separately handle two user accounts? Can MDM be restricted to only one user account and when I get home I just switch to my private profile?

Hi @Stefan,

I just started my research, so I do not know exactly how MDM solutions can be focused on only one account (sim card). I guess there are different approaches.
But you are absolutely right privacy and data is an important issue if it comes to MDM!
Therefore I’m quite interested in open source solutions where the administration and data is not stored somewhere beyond my control…


Fairphone is partnering with Uhuru Mobile. Maybe that’s what you are looking for, @werner_noebauer ?

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