May magnetic car mounts affect the phone in any way?

To be more specific, I’d like to use the car mount as depicted in this link, a “Baseus Magnetic Car Mount Holder”

I’m not sure whether the magnet may affect e.g. the battery, hence I’d like to ask the community before applying it.

Thanks in advance!

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Battery is no problem, not sure how the compass works, but that’s in my opinion the only system susceptible to magnetism.

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Hi it is difficult to say. In theory it must effect the battery to some degree but if they are made to hold phones they can’t be very damaging.

SD card used do not get effected much either unlike .the old magnetic disks.

One query i would have is what iron/steel is it going go hold to.

The speakers and mics are probably quartz and not magnetic coils, so they may not be influenced.

And the battery? I can’t see a problem

The magnetic circle is closed with the plate you have mounted on your phone. So there is no harm to your phone.
Keep in mind that speakers also have permanent magnets inside which also do not effect the phone.

Data these days is not stored anymore in a magnetic way, so you dont have to worry about data loss by your phone mount.

I don’t think so, as it’s not running on AC there should be no interference with any magnetic field. At least from the electrical side. If there’s any magnetic material in the battery (the electrodes? but they should be made from graphite, which is not magnetic, I believe, as is the polymer used as the electrolyte) then there may be some effect, but not a concerning one (or one that has an effect), it should be a weaker mechanic force than shaking your phone…


To some degree maybe I should add that that degree can be very small. All magnets affect radio waves, ions and quantum particles.

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