Massive text editor problems with Fennec/Firefox for Android

Typing in Fennec has always been a bit quirky (I used the volume buttons to move the cursor left/right, which is a Gravitybox setting and after one Fennec update it stopped working (wouldn’t go beyond the last letter of a word and jump to it when you come from left).

After the latest Fennec update it has become virtually unusable. I deactivated the respective setting in Gravitybox, and still there are problems:

  • when I manually click somewhere to move the cursor and type something it often is still appended at the bottom of the text field.
  • when I try to delete a word, it gets pasted into the text field multiple times after each other. (Similar to this Fennec bug report. Here is a screenshot:

Can you confirm this behaviour?

Edit: If I disable the dictionary/correction suggestions, the problem disappears. This is only a workaround though because I’d still like to have the suggestions displayed above the keyboard.

Ps: I’m on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and have recently made backups with Titanium Backup and CWM and also have installed a different ROM build and switched back to Macadamia.

I always have this off, so possibly because of that …

For what it’s worth … can’t confirm, Fennec F-Droid (Firefox 62.0.1) on Fairphone 2, LineageOS for microG 20180917.

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This is in the FP1 help category because I didn’t assume a failure on FP2. I’m trying to find out if the installation of a different ROM messed up anything or if this affects all FP1.

I’ve seen the category, and I didn’t assume that either, but I assume there are only so much Fennec users around … and posting this now with enabled text correction and suggestions, I can confirm that what you have here is not a general Fennec problem :wink: .


I agree, @AnotherElk :wink:

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