Marketing TikTok

I got an email from Fairphone to inform me about the new TikTok account.
What, why? TikTok is a Chinese owned app and is reading your emails, it is looking at your photos, it is accessing your contact list. TikTok is violating the privacy of (young) children. FF should not use and promote spy software like TikTok. Never. Never.


Hi @jan8, could you attach this email please ?

It is weird that Fairphone promotes TikTok :no_mouth: I personnally agree with you that it is a dangerous company about privacy
But if they have a partnership with them… :man_shrugging: I do not know what to think about it

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If Fairphone has a partnership with TikTok I have misunderstood the mission of FF. I thought FF promote “care for people and planet”. TikTok is about consuming energy, about spying, about everything I thought FF is not.


Maybe not A GREAT idea :slight_smile:
Without exposing the receiver and sender’s email addresses there is no reason to see it as genuine, so it would just be hearsay. And you never know there may be some hack in the whole email.


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Fairphone use lot of social media platforms that are all capable of getting permissions to access your personal data, but you don’t have to subscribe, so there really isn’t a personal problem

As for supporting unfair consumer practices, there is no option even without a phone. We all exploit the weak, that’s what money is for ~ in a ‘civilised’ society.

If any of us was strong enough we would do everything ourselves, more like wild animals and like plants, but we are weak as individuals and we use those less physically, mentally or financially worse off to do what we can’t or will not do.

I use no social media, this forum is about as ‘internet social’ as I get.

All the best, and email Fairphone to enquire and post their reply if you like



That’s not true. They only have a TikTok account now, which imo is also not good, but they also have YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts and those are hardly better.


This was mentioned in the latest newsletter


Thanks all for these clarifications ! :slight_smile:
It is finally just a personnal choice to follow or not Fairphone accounts on these platforms (as Fairphone needs to be well-known to expand its vision)


They really do everything to put themselves on the sidelines and even without shame

It’s a shame being ‘human’ what else is there? Ah! Ethics ??

The simple reality is that TikTok is a popular platform. By making an account on TikTok, Fairphone can reach more people and thus do more good.

Sure, TikTok is a problem, but isn’t it also a problem if people keep buying phones from companies who don’t care for people and the planet because they never see Fairphone in the platform they’re on? How will people come to the green side from the not-so-green side if they will never learn about the green side on there?

So, personally, I think this is okay. It makes it possible for Fairphone to reach more people so more people can make greener choices in the future.