Market Feedback Agent unusable since A12 update

When an application crashes, the option to provide feedback is presented in the dialog that appears consequently. Since the #android12 update occurred, I haven’t been able to send any developers application crash logs because the Market Feedback Agent itself crashes when invoked.

This is rather ridiculous. It demonstrates the state of the stock OS for the #fp4.

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What happens if you clear the cache of the app?


Of the Market Feedback Agent? It does nothing, nor does removal of its permanent storage.

Hello, I have the same issue here, and a lot of applications not answering anymore, it seems pictures cannot be saved or downloaded anymore, could it be related to an Android update ? any chance the issue get solved soon ?

@Marine_Gaudron, the way I fixed this specific issue and a whole host of crashed (before the OS eventually corrupted itself to the point I couldn’t login) was by adhering to

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