Marcel Bokhorst calls it quits

FairEmail, Netguard and Co are history. So sad.


Very sad too. I followed Marcel since the very first releases…


Worst case scenario
So sad…


Luckily the apps will keep working, but it is indeed a shame.

I have tried to communicate several times with Google, but they don’t provide any details about what the app presumably is doing wrong.

I totally understand this frustration, Google’s moderation is absolutely worthless. I ran into issues with Google despite not actually breaking any policy myself with Catima. For my other app Raise To Answer I pretty much just stopped developing it because there is no fun in being yelled at because it doesn’t work on someone’s phone and them refusing to let you even help debug. The Google Play Store ruins the fun of developing.

In my case I got lucky that I could “resolve” the Catima issue by dropping a word in the description, but I am very well aware that I may not be so lucky next time. In Marcel’s case, it’s even a source of income, Google is literally taking money away without telling him how to fix the “supposed” violation.

I don’t envy app developers, Google is an awful business partner, an evil gatekeeper. Google will rather let you starve than admit they made a mistake.


… and problems for Total Commander :roll_eyes:


from Metallica’s point of view:
Sad but True

from Starwars point of view:
The evil empire strikes back


This is so sad and makes me so angry at the same time. Because Android developers are still tied to a system of maximizing profits that does not care who is left behind because they don’t play by the rules.

Fudge Google, Fudge the Play Store, we desperately need a better way for developers to monetize their apps.

Thank you Marcel, for all your excellent work on FairMail, wish you all the best!!

:heart: :heart: :heart:


That’s sad indeed. But even without the high update frequency that Marcel used to have I think the app will be usable for quite a while still. What does it mean for unlocking the pro version after a reinstallation, does anyone know if that will still work? Will the apk remain in F-Droid. I couldn’t find this detail in the thread over there.
If his main reason to stop was at least a real problem but it seems like Google just doesn’t make life easy and thus generates artifical problems…

Damn. I really enjoyed FairEmail and got he pro version. Guess I’ll have to go back to K-9 soon. Sad that it had to come to this, but I wish him all the best.

At least the button is still on his page, but I didn’t try. I think there will be a version without any restrictions soon.

Normally, apps that made their way in F-Droid will stay there. It could be marked with an anti-feature (source code no longer available), but at the current point, the repo is just archived, so no reason for this. I could imagine that the F-Droid team will just intervene if there are security issues in the future (let’s hope this won’t be the case too soon).


Last time I checked, K-9 still did not have material design or PGP support. P=p does.

Also, it is not only Android users who lost here. It is also AOSP and forks, so for example privacy minded users of e.g. CalyxOS or /e/


I will use it as long as possible
Actually no reason for panic and no reason to switch to another, e.g. K-9
and having the hope Marcel is coming back on git and f-droid, fucking of Gogol
Or somebody is overtaken or forking

Everything’s possible right now and to early for everything


That’s too bad. I became aware of Marcel and his apps in the Mikrotik forum. I’m glad I mainly use F-droid. I also paid for FairEmail Pro via F-droid. Not a penny was wasted on Google. :wink: F-droid version can simply continue to be used. Again many reasons to avoid the Play Store, with the stupid users demanding premium support for a free app¹ and giving bad reviews. How Marcel had the time for almost daily improvements is a mystery to me.
ÂąBy a single person.

For me PGP works with K-9 (on LOS). You just need OpenKeychain, K-9 can use these keys. Or do you mean something else?

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It is really sad!
But we have to face the fact, that a big mass of people have to resign voluntarily the comfortable G-services (Amazon’s, Facebook’s and Apple’s as well). They are able to establish an undemocratic power - and to manipulate our whole behaviour.
If enough people are recognizing this and are staying away from these companies as they work now, they will try to offer services, the people like. That means, they could offer more personal services and more options for privacy.
But - then you should be able to find your path around the next traffic jam by your own…

True, but more then unrealistic…

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Maybe there is a silver lining …

  • Are you considering continuing the development?
    Life isn’t black and white and isn’t foreseeable.

(from > FairCode)

Fingers crossed!


Generally I agree with your posts/view but here I question.

Isn’t capitalism a part of democracy and democracy apart of anarchism.

Anarchy does not strive to control others nor reproach people who work together. They recognise power of the individual and bodies, be they family or nation.

No matter how this power is attained or used it is often a sore point and hotly debated by the losers in the struggle for looting the resources.

Capitalism is just a tool for gathering resources.

Democracy and Communism imply that everyone gets the same access to resources which clearly does not and cannot happen.

Democracy is like Google and Amazon, people vote by spending their money and time on the consumer products produced by multi-nationals.

Individuals or multinationals. Democracy isn’t that far removed from Communism.

Anarchy is more to do with recognising the choices each of us has not to manipulate others if we are wild enough not to require the comforts and benefits of others labour.

But it is very sad as you note, but that’s the beauty, that an individual can be sad.
Multinationals of Democracy and Communism can never be sad, no wonder they have such a big following. And as long as people think they can spend their way out of sadness someone will see a way to provide a distraction, at a price.

If you join a democratic cruise you are not the captain of the ship, let alone the owner.

I am paying voluntarily and happily 1 Euro per month for
Would pay a similar sum for a good mail app without Google. Except K-9 there are no privacy friendly apps.
There will likely be a lot of people willing to pay per month or year for good apps from Marcel. Also Netguard is very good and the only one without Root.
Hope Marcel reads this post:
Please continue your work without Google. Many people will pay for your good work !!!

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To replace Netguard, just give a try to Personal DNS Filter…

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