Many weird behaviors

Dear FP community,

I am facing a series of weird behavior on my FP2 running under FPOOS.

It all started with my phone not recording properly pictures: they were either fully black or grey or half of it was visible.
Since I noticed that the phone was slow to record the picture, I thought that I should make some space (there was still 1-2 Go Free, but it might have been sparse space…).
I deleted some pictures, music and free up space in Settings> Internal shared storage.
I also deleted some Apps that were not used a lot.
Fool of me one! of them must have be the one dealing with some of the contacts info … since I lost 90% of them.

These stupids manipulation did not change anything. The phone was still slow to write pics and 1 over 6 was corrupted (black/grey).

Then I realized that I could not get acces to the phone from my computers as I used to (same cables same computers: win7 and Ubuntu machines).
I verified the USB debugging option and the USB config (in settings > developer options), But I still do not get the menu when I plug the cable.
Next, I tried what is suggested on the forum (Settings > Apps > Touch the three dots on the top right corner > select Show system …), did not work neither.

As a last chance I updated to the last version of FPOOS… I still encounter the same problems…
Plus, now the phone shows a red frame at the border of the screen sometime when I tough it, and the % of charge sometime show weird symbols (like #$%) on the opening screen.

This is a lot of issues, and I am thinking about doing a full system cleaning.

Does anyone have suggestion(s) ?

Thank for your help…

You could start with this.

Thank you did not know about the safe mode.
Unfortunately it is still the same. After rebooting the charging level was something like ‘$1%$’.
I connected to the computer but still only charging (also changed the USB config in developer options).
Also the red frame on the screen still appears after booting and randomly when I manipulate the phone.

I now have a bug with the camera. It says “failed to save photo”.
Did any one experience this ?

As I was explaining I updated to the last version of FPOOS but it did not help.
Does fully re-installing the OS would work and ‘clean’ the system ?

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