Many topics appearing in #participate that should be in #help:fp2

Hey everybody,

lately it seems that people post in #participate often, with simple help requests that should be in #help:fp2 (I seem to recategorize quite often). #participate is the first option in the category selection when you start a new topic.

Is it the category description?

Maybe we should reword that description…?

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I agree that this recategorization is often need.
But I’m afraid it’s because the description of the category is not read. I think the description is ok and does not indicate at all that help requests could be categorized at all into participate…
Would it be possible to put the help category to the top of the selection/first selection (as this is probably the most used one)?


I don’t know. I thought that the ordering would depend on the number of posts in a category, but this assumption doesn’t hold. The ordering seems arbitrary…

Yeah before the latest re-categorization the topics were ordered by number of topics when you created a new topic. Now if you create a new topic #participate is on top and if you don’t use the search function the #help topics are quite far down on the list.
I also noticed many users post in #help instead of a more specific sub-category.

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