Manual SIM registration

I get this message when I am setting up my Fairphone 2. This from Vodaphone:

“It looks like you’ve swapped your SIM or updated your device. To continue using data and sending picture messages, you need to update your settings manually, as your device doesn’t support automatic settings updates. Get started at

I am then prompted for operating system, phone manufacturer and make. Fairphone is not on the list. Any ideas what I should select, or how to get around this?

Do you get this message often? Is it true that you can’t use data and send picture messages?
I get a similar message whenever I put a SIM into the phone once after the first reboot but ignore the message as everything works as it should.

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I think they refer to the APN settings. If you really experience any problems, look for the correct APN settings on the Vodaphone website or elsewhere on the web and enter them manually.

Thanks for responding, it seems that all is OK, not sure why they bother with the message.

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