Malware found in system settings (by AVG and Avast)


yesterday i experienced some new features on my FP3. After browsing some pics i got an avast warning of insecure content. I closed the webpage and instantly scanned for malware with avast free security, which found 2x malware , one in the system settings, one in the bluetooth settings.
Since these are unremovable apps, I don`t know how to handle the problem. Note that with other scanners, such as Malwarebytes, Avira and Spyware detector, I do not find any malware at all.
I did install some new apps recently (Zoom, open camera, migrane-app) but removed them via safe mode startup (as instructed elsewhere) yesterday.
Also, when I started Avast today in the morning, I got a fullscreen wallpaper ad of some weird gaming app (ads are common in Avast, but not like this).
On top of that, all my bookmarks in my browser are gone by yesterday evening and the search engine always switches to bing after each start (although anything else was preselected).
I used the dolphin browser until then, uninstalled it now and switched to duck duck go.
My FP3 runs Android 10, last update was done Dec. 1st 2020.
What bugs me is, that that malware still can be found in the system settings by AVG and Avast when running those scanners. Not by any others…
Do I have to be concerned? I read elsewhere, that AVG raised a false alarm for finding malware in VoiceCommand, so might this be the same? (Avast and AVG seem run the same type of scanner)
Thanks in advance.
Cheers Jan

For your consideration …


My advice is when i understand you correctly install a app like popup ad detector-detect or similair. When you get a ad popup again its shows you the app which it did it.

Thank you, you two. I will test out all of your suggestions and will have an eye on the matter. So far, no new warnings and no ads, since i uninstalled the Avast Security App.

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