Making the fair choice easier: Fairphone 4 is here

Great news! But how come that all related accessories are currently out of stock? I’m talking basic things such as the Charger or the Jack Adapter… I don’t want to preorder an incomplete cart and pay twice the shipping costs. Can you share when they will be available? Or at least, add those accessories to the preorder option.


Hi @ElPasmo Welocome to the forum

This is just a user community, you best ask support@fairphone.$$$

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Please contact support @ fairphone . *** … (The forum protects e-mail addresses from SPAM bots automatically.)


I’ve had previous posts edited to remove the Fairphone support email address ???

Their community manager just posted this answer

We expect to onboard the FP4 on our list of supported device by end of this year.

Edit: there’s a topic on non-Google OSes now with some updates at


The competition is worse. Let’s support these initiatives, while we still have them.


My suggestion would be to pre-order it already. Chip stocks are still low, I wouldn’t be so surprised if they weren’t able to manufacture a lot of Fairphone 4 models. At least you would then have the phone. Delivery is only halfway November, plenty of time to wait for other things to get in stock :slight_smile:

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Dear Fairphone marketing department, please exercise a little more care with your photo models:

I guess I do not have to mention what is wrong here…

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I need also some exercise I believe …

I find a bit sad the recycling program is out til the end of October or (complot mode) it is to avoid people buy the new model and recycle the old one ? After all, the best you can do is not to buy a new smartphone if the previous one still works.

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I don’t get it :slightly_frowning_face:.


Well, the phone is available from 25th of October on, so no big difference here…

I don’t see it either.


It is not the phone that has the focus on the picture. And in a series of photos done in a photoshooting, someone might be able to pick one on which her right leg hides the center of her hips, “ready to use, …” How disgusting…

Maybe it’s the bare legs thing, that the Taliban would have an issue with, even if was hairy and male maybe, then maybe not.

Oh! then there’s guys who shave their legs and women with hairy ones.

Could have gone with full burka then whatever gender hairy or shaved wouldn’t have been an issue.

Though Fairphone could have shown more of the phone than the attractive body, but that’s advertising. Then we get to why not use a 90 year old in a wheelchair or maybe a Paralympian with no legs.

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Maybe in your mind. I didn’t even think about that. Her looks are focused on the phone and so were mine.


Seriously, apply some introspection here. I can’t believe your mind even went there. Why? Because a woman shows a bit of leg? No one sane would look at this picture and think it wasn’t about the phone.


Why are you directing this at me? I didn’t raise this (non-)issue.

Yes and no since the pre-order has begun today.