Making a third-party case for Fairphone 3+?

I’ve been looking for quite a while after good third-party cases for the Fairphone 3+, sadly I cant find any good ones, I’ve been about three different cases now, two of which were universal cases which did not at all fit the fairphone 3’s wider shape. I then discovered a Thread here on the forum which also talked about this and mentioned that none of the cases they’ve found ever fits the fairphone properly, even those times it Says it’s made for the fairphone!

I’ve now come to the realisation that there most likely aren’t that many cases to be had which fits the fairphone, I’ve instead been thinking about maybe custom order a bunch of cases from a factory that makes cases.
Just to check what that Might cost i took contact with the makers of a case i used to my previous phone (Jolly). And his is what they told me;

"Thanks for your inquiry on our website. This is Ken from JOLLY.

As for the phone case for Fairphone 3, we usually have 2 solutions:
1, Produce PU leather phone case with a slider. The advantage is to fit many brands of phone models. So that we call it universal phone case as well. Please refer to the pic attached.

2, Produce PU leather phone case with a custom plastic cover inside. But now no plastic cover for Fairphone in the market. If choose this way, we need to customize a mold to produce cover firstly. The tooling cost is around USD2500 per model.

The above 2 ways we could offer. Please just think about it, thanks."

Doe’s anyone think this might be a good idea? I’ve been thinking of maybe taking the risk of getting a case made that is actually designed for the fairphone 3+ and try to sell it.

Or would the community be interested in making their own case? Don’t know how that would be organised but it would be cool if it was possible!

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