Make a power bank out of a used laptop battery

I found this Instructable via Restart Project.

What do you think of it?

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I like the project a lot!
However I wonder if the self made power bank with its current and voltage is suitable for a phone or if it does more harm than use

I would advise against opening up battery packs and selecting cells. Opening up the battery pack means removing an important layer of protection.
In battery recycling centers, they receive multiple damaged Li-batteries each day. They present a serious risk for almost uncontrollable fires. The collection system in Belgium had to build a bunker to store all (damaged) Li batteries, because of these risks. They even had to invent new ways of fire extinguishing, because ordinary ways don’t work (now they developped blankets filled with special powder and sell them to other companies :slight_smile: ). If you send the broken battery cells for recycling without this outer protection layer (or with a damaged one), you can be quite sure they will be bloated by the time they arrive at the sorting center.

This kind of DIY-“repair” is often done with bicycle batteries. It has already caused one house burned down in Belgium in 2014…

So, in short: know what you are doing. And know what risks you are creating for others (like people working in these collection centers).