Major problem with sound & bluetooth FP 4

hello FP friends! I have been having a major problem with my phone since this morning. The bluetooth connection to my JBL speaker suddenly died and cannot be restored. And I see in the settings that the sound buttons are set normally, but I can hardly hear the phone anymore and when I want to adjust the sound with the side buttons, the sound goes OFF! In the sound icon you see, the left slider is light-colored instead of dark as the right slider is… what could be wrong here? Does anyone have an idea?
Thank you for helping me out :pray: (btw the speaker still works with the iPad…)
Greets Marianne

Hi there, Mariannevl,

The problems are likely connected, I would think.

First, I would advise you to turn the phone off (completely, using the power menu or press the Power button for a second or two until the power menu appears) and choose “Power off”. Leave the phone off for a minute or two and then turn it on again. This may be enough to get things working again. If not, …

For the Bluetooth problem, can you go to Settings > Connected devices. Does the JBL speaker still appear in the list of devices?
If it does, then tap once on the cogged wheel next to its name and choose Forget. That will hopefully be enough to allow you to re-pair with the speaker.


Hi OldRoutard :slightly_smiling_face:. Thank you so much. This seems to have worked. For now anyway. Lovely!
Turning of the phone is now different. I had to press the power button and at the same time the upper volume button.
Thanks so much for your help!

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It depends how you’ve configured the gesture “Press and hold Power button” in Settings > System > Gestures. The default action is now the (Google) Digital assistant, that I personally don’t use.


Hi. Yes it used to work like that. But the interface has changed

Yes, that’s what I said :slightly_smiling_face: