Main app panel missing

Hey there,
Suddenly the main app panel (the one featuring recents on the left and the others on the right) ils missing. Now i only have a panel with the apps that i bought, and a contact panel. My main issue is that the Settings , SMS , call app are on this missing panel! If they were not available from the opened (square) buttton, my phone would be useless.
Can someone help or do i need to make a hard reset?
Coming from the mac world is tough lol. How do you guys cope with the constant failures??

Move one app to the side and by itself it will create a new homescreen.
Then, just swipe from right to left to get the side menu and select the “all apps” option. from there, just get all the apps you want and put them on your newly created panel.
If you want the homescreens in a different order, just tap on the dots below in the homescreen and you will be able to switch the homescreens order.

You don’t need to make a hard reset, you just deleted a widget that can be placed back again very easily. You just have to press long on an empty space of one of your homescreens and then you find a button called “widgets”. It opens a menue with all available widgets. Look for “My apps”, hold and drag it to the right and drop it as soon as there is a (new) empty homescreen.

Thanks! Phew :slight_smile:

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