Mailbox is dialling France automatically

Hi, I´m Silvia and I have a Fairphone from the second ordering. I really like it very much but since I´ve been to France, each time I call my mailbox, the phone auromatically adds “33” in front of the “3311” so it dials France and not the mailbox. So now I use always the Mailbox for abroad or - as I found out - I dial “33111” and then it works. Has somebody an idea what could have happened?
It is very weird because also, since I went to Spain, the ringing ton (what I hear when I call somebody) changed by itself and the soundquality changed to the worse, lower frequencies are very difficult to hear.
Obviously the phone doesn´t like to travel…

Hi Silvia,

I live in France and traveled to European countries (Germany) without the issue you describe.
I think the behaviours you noticed are linked to the operator and network, not the Fairphone:

  • The short code for the mailbox is national, so when
    you roam in another country, you have to use either a ‘roaming’ short
    code or a full number for the mailbox. Personnally, when roaming, my
    operator sends me a Short message indicating how I can call my
    mailbox from the country I am in.
  • For the ringing tone, it is network dependant. When you call in
    France, you don’t have the same ringing tone than in the UK for
    instance. It is not produced by the phone itself.
  • As for the sound quality, according to the coding/decoding 'codec)
    schemes used for voice service, it can dramatically affect the sound
    quality. Here again, the network tells the mobile which codec must be

Kind regards

Dear Sevan,
thanks so much for your quick answer.
Actually I´m aware of the issues you wrote about.
The funny thing is that the changes stayed when I came back to Germany. So my mailbox still adds a “33” when dialing, although in the adress book its of course without it. Even when I dial 3311 the phone adds an additional 33 to it by itself when the phone start building up the connection.
The same happened with the ringing tone. It didn´t change back to what it was before I travelled.
Kind regards!