Mail does not work anymore

Hi, I am new to Fairphone Open.
I am really satisfied, but now a problem arose:
Mail worked fine when I opened two mail accounts.
After two weeks or so I got the message when updating one of the two accounts:
no secure connection to the server, Public Key has changed since initial connection.
With this account I can send mail but cant receive mails.
I tried to delete the account, but could not find a button to do so.
Has anyone solveld this problem already ?

Regards Jerry

Which Mail App do you use?

If you can’t find it in your mail app then you’ll probably find it in the system settings under “accounts”.

Hi Paul,
How can I find out the exact name of the application? I could not find it in the list of android apps when searching for “mail”. I assume it is the standard application e-mail in FP Open. And no, there is no button for deleting an account, only for adding. To add the same account again does not work “This email is already in use”. I have may FP2 not rooted yet, so I think I have no access to system settings.

[solved] Sorry, just now I found the way to delete the account (troubles understanding clearly the english identifier).
I deleted the account and added it again, now it works. Thank you for your help.

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Great it worked out and thaks for sharing the result in the forum.
In case you might not be satisfied with thevstandard mail app: I’m using K-9 mail for years (with 5 accounts atm).

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