MAC Randomization

Fairphone 3 currently runs Android 9 which “should” support MAC Randomization but I cannot find the option Connected MAC Randomization in the Developer options.

Can anyone advice on how to enable this option?

You linked a good source.

MAC randomization prevents listeners from using MAC addresses to build a history of device activity, thus increasing user privacy.

Note: Randomized MAC addresses are generated per SSID and are persistent.

They can still track you per SSID :slight_smile: I’d rather have the ability to set it to something random, statically, per SSID, but allow complete randomization on SSID as well (which is useful on public WLAN or against general air sniffing + tracking).

Now, towards your question.

To implement MAC randomization on your device:

Work with a Wi-Fi chip vendor to implement the following HAL methods:

This suggests it has to be enabled per device.

Devices running Android 9 or lower might not have support for Wi-Fi MAC randomization. When upgrading such devices to Android 10, the Wi-Fi MAC randomization feature can be disabled by setting the WIFI_HIDL_FEATURE_DISABLE_AP_MAC_RANDOMIZATION flag to true in the Wi-Fi vendor HAL make file.

Which is underlined by the above.

You say:

Fairphone 3 currently runs Android 9 which “should” support MAC Randomization

I’d say “might” instead of “should”.

My question becomes: have you verified FP3 supports this feature?

“Should” because it’s a “new” device running Android 9 having a relatively “new” chipset?

Not “verified” but can try to verify it if noone already knows the answer :question:

Ok, we got a Qualcomm WCN3680B WiFi module in the FP3.

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So I’m not sure if that means yes or no, I read though the data sheet for the module and didn’t see anything, so thinking no?

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