LTE instead of 4G in the status bar

After the recent Android 10 update, the status bar is now showing LTE instead of 4G when I turn on the mobile data. What does LTE mean, is it still on a 4G network ?

yep, LTE (Long Term Evolution) - respectively LTE-advanced - is the same as 4G. At least in marketing speech.
As I undestand it, LTE originally didn’t met the criteria for 4G but 3.95G. But later on, the ITU decided that LTE can be called 4G, too.

LTE is sometimes known as 3.95G and has been marketed both as “4G LTE” and as “Advanced 4G”,[citation needed] but it does not meet the technical criteria of a 4G wireless service, as specified in the 3GPP Release 8 and 9 document series for LTE Advanced. The requirements were originally set forth by the ITU-R organisation in the IMT Advanced specification. However, due to marketing pressures and the significant advancements that WiMAX, Evolved High Speed Packet Access, and LTE bring to the original 3G technologies, ITU later decided that LTE together with the aforementioned technologies can be called 4G technologies.[3] The LTE Advanced standard formally satisfies the ITU-R requirements to be considered IMT-Advanced.[4] To differentiate LTE Advanced and WiMAX-Advanced from current 4G technologies, ITU has defined them as “True 4G”.[5][6]