Lowest ring tone volume is very loud

The lowest setting of the ring tone volume is still quite loud. Compared to the volume level of the media volume, which can be put to an adequate low level, the ring tone on lowest level seems very loud. When in a completely calm room it really startles me when an audio event occurs.
I noticed that the increments for the media volume are settable in much smaller steps than the ring tone and alarm volume. For the alarm this is not an issue for me, because alarms are supposed be loud. But for the ring tone it’s quite annoying, when arriving messages or calls can’t be lowered. Setting the ring tone to vibration is not a solution, because I want an audible notification.


Did you lower the sound of the ringtone in the Settings?
Go to 'Settings’
go to 'Sound and notification’
adjust the Ring volume.

Yes of course :relaxed:
That’s why I wrote lowest setting of the ring tone. Don’t you think that this setting still has a quite loud volume? Or may there be something wrong just with my device?

For my it is quite low. With other sounds in the room actually the lowest setting is to low for me.
But my hearing is a little bit impaired, so you can’t go on my judgement.

Today I had some time to configure my ringtones. I set different sounds for my different messenger apps. I discovered that most of the selectable sounds are not as loud as the default sound Pixie Dust which was preselected. The sound Castor for example is actually so low that I don’t hear it sometimes. So maybe it’s just a matter of the (for my hearing) overdriven default sound.

Did you configure your sounds to anything else but default?

Same problem here. I checked now all ring tones again and while around 90% are even at the lowest volume setting quite in your face, there are a some that seem to be generally quieter. My preferred tone is sadly not one of them.
It would be nice if there would be one more level down before the sound is off, for me even on the expense of the highest volume option.