Lowest brightness is too bright

Where do you get these figures? My range is from zero to 100% and it seems fine, although zero isn’t off :slight_smile:

Here: Lowest brightness is too bright - #8 by Stanzi

Apparently there might be a problem with flickering though if you put it too low.

OK so this isn’t something you actually see just a ref to an earlier post of some 19 months ago on an FP2 with LOS, not on your FP3, and would require root access anyway. :frowning:

I am clueless, what you are trying to tell me.

You quoted the post referenced above which is a) very old and b) referred to an FP2

So I’m thinking you have not seen the figure 6 or 10 on your own investigation and I haven’t. Plus it requires root access which you said you didn’t want, so I’m not sure the link helps and so I was wondering why you quoted it and especially figures that are only available via rooting and extracting the apk for modification.

However I am also clueless as to what I’m talking about so profound apologies :slight_smile: