Lower right part of touchscreen not working

Hi, I hope you can help me as the fairphone support hasn’t answered me in the last 3 weeks… :frowning:
The lower right part of the touchscreen is not working anymore (since about 4 weeks). When I use the phone in the vertical position I cannot use the delete-button or the keys on the right hand side when I write a message. After yesterday’s update it didn’t get better but rather worse - The circle and square buttons are almost never reacting. When I open the app view I cannot open any app on the right hand side, it’s not reacting.
Is this a software bug? I tried removing the display but couldn’t get it off (I looked at the instructions…)

I also had problems with ghost touches - apps were opened and buttons were pressed even though I didn’t do anything. This issue started when the touchscreen didn’t work well anymore, but it rarely happens after I changed the reaction time to medium.

I would really like to keep my phone but it’s no fun to use it…

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