Low Call Volume: Signal, Threema sent to background audio when used for calling

Hello World,

I’ve noticed that when I initiate a call through Signal or Threema, I can barely hear the person I’m calling. If I turn the volume way up, I can just hear the person but there is a lot of white noise and artifacts mixed in.

I came across a similar effect when I watch a video with sound during a normal call: I noticed that even though the video volume setting was normal, it seemed to be relegated to some sort of low background sound volume setting.

I think this is what is happening with Signal and Threema. It seems to be Fairphone-specific because when I ask the people to call me back, everything is normal* on Signal, but Threema is still in background. It seems that when I initiate the call, the phone sees “ah, I need to switch to call volume settings” but thinks Signal is an app that should be sent to the background.

This issue is only present during audio-only calls, not video calls. I checked and yes, Signal has the phone permission. It is also present regardless of whether on wired/BT headset, ear speaker, or loudspeaker.

Does anyone else have this issue? Do you have a solution or a viable workaround? I saw some other topics that looked similar, but seem to be unrelated issues.

*edit: I just got a Threema call today and the issue was there.

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Update: I used Cheogram for a call today and both as the call recipient and the caller the audio was in the quiet background mode.

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I have similar issues, have you found a solution?

Unfortunately no. :unamused: Never heard back from support either.

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