Loud speaker volume too low

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Fairphone 2
OS: Fairphone Open
pre-installed phone app

The maximal volume of the loud speaker for phone calls using the pre-installed app is very low and does not suffice.
When I make phone calls using Linphone the volume is fine. Also listening music using the loud speaker works well.

Any idea why the loud speaker is so quiet for phone calls ?


I have the same problem - though sadly no solution yet. I use TruePhone for making calls. Will try Linphone.


Same here. Strange since the volume is ok when using other apps


A bug report for this issue has been open since October 2017. You might want to chime in there to make sure the devs learn about the size of this problem.


I’m afraid to say I have also got this problem. I often have to make calls in noisy environments - but this is not possible which is why I’m now looking at returning my FP2; which makes me very sad!


Same here, it’s kinda annoying… When using it, because more people need to talk or the phone is lying down, the highest volume isn’t load enough to hear what the other end is saying… Music or other apps can be really load, so it must be the software, not the speaker.


Same here, but bizarrely when I used a second SIM card for work calls the speaker volume worked fine. Sadly, just swapping the primary SIM into the second slot had no effect.