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My FP4 is working and charging perfectly. I plug it in overnight with the USB cable I bought from Fairphone. The problem is that approximately once a week, a SystemUI notification with a loud and obnoxious alarm goes off during the night, saying “please insert the USB, if the phone cannot be recharged!” This is not the normal notification noise but an incredibly loud and horrifying beeping which wakes up my family and quite possibly all the other people who live on the same street. I have tried to turn off these notifications but it is still happening. There seems to be no problem with the actual charging, as every morning it is at 100%. Any ideas?

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Generally it is advised not to charge the phone to 100% often and leaving plugged in for hours overnight in a fully charged situation is also questionable in the sense of battery ‘longevity’

If you want charge overnight you may like to try a non Quick charger, which will not only reduce some of the inherent battery degradation by full and continuous charging but may eliminate the horrible noise you are subjecting yourself to.

Maybe worth a try

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Is that an exact quote? I cannot find any reference to it when searching (also, I don’t even understand what that message tries to tell me). The first step would be to clearly establish what generates this notification. As I have never seen it on my FP4 at least, is it possible that another app is responsible for this?
Also, as a workaround, have you tried to put the phone into Do not Disturb mode for the night? It should at least prevent the issue of waking the whole street even if the notification still appears.

Thanks! I didn’t know that about charging the phone overnight not being the best idea. I will stop doing that and try to get into the habit of charging at different times.

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Hello Michael, thanks for the response. Yes, it is an exact quote and I couldn’t find it anywhere by searching either! Perhaps it is something to do with the charger I am using - the cable is Fairphone but the plug is one I bought from a shop. The notification overrides Do Not Disturb which is strange. I think I will follow the advice of a poster above and charge at times other than overnight.

That is super weird! I assume you’re on the default FP OS that came with the phone? Did you by any chance install some battery/charge management apps that could generate the notification?


Just another remark: A charger should not be able to generate notifications on your phone as it does not establish a data connection with such access. The problem must be located somewhere on your phone.
Still, trying another charger cannot hurt. It would also be interesting to see if the notification appears at a different time if you don’t charge overnight.


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