Lots of Problems with Fairphone 2

HI, I am having a problems with my FP2. The most major one being i cant make or receive calls as no one on the other end can hear me. This is causing major disruptions as i use my phone all the time for work.

Also the answer machine icon never leaves my screen and i keep getting told I have new voicemails but when i check- i don’t. I have issues scrolling down on websites and social media sites. the screen scrolls way to fast- when i change the accessibility touch to medium of long i then can’t cut and paste things.

Also the phone freezes, a lot. Sometimes it just reboots itself, others i have to reboot it. Also when i was able to call people often when on a call lots of different screens would pop up effecting the call.

If not resolved I’m afraid I am going to have to find an alternative to the fairphone…



First try a replacement. Those problems seam weard.

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