Lost SIM1 since Fairphone Open OS update


Took the prompted Open OS update yesterday (Fairphone Open 21.10.0-rel.2) on my 2017 FP2.

On startup the phone asks for the PINs for both physical SIMs. But then only finds network for SIM2.
I’ve done the very obvious (deactivate/reactivate, remove SIM and restart etc). Will need to investigate properly later.

But fundamentally, I’ve lost half my phone for calls+SMS and all my access to 4G data.
Advice welcome!

Yes, I did make a selective backup before the update. Would like to avoid factory reset if at all possible though.

This can be a coincidence and it might just be a faulty SIM card. Did you interchange the Slots, to see how the SIM cards behave in the other slot? Also you could check if the APN settings are correct for the not working SIM card.

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Which version was on the phone before the update? An Android 9 version already (21.x.x), or Android 7?

In case of Android 7 the update would have been a major in-place Android upgrade, which can work out fine, or not.

A factory reset only deletes user data as well as Apps installed by the user and their data. That’s not necessarily where the fault lies.

Perhaps a first step would be to reinstall the OS … Edit: @yvmuell is right, see below.
https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018801738 … once Fairphone updated the OS download file to the current version (you might ask Fairphone support for it).
Supposedly “The user data will not be erased.”

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I did the update of Fairphone OS 21.10.0-rel.2 yesterday and I lost connection (2G, 3G, 4G). So I reboot my phone and the problem was solve. So maybe it could help

Is this not for FPOS only, but the OP has FPOOS installed?

For FPOOS its already avilable

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Thanks all for your suggestions. Problem fixed kind of by itself. Looking a bit random/coincidental as you say, yvmuell.

Restarted (was up to about 10th restart by then) with only the SIM1 card in SIM1 slot. That seems to have prompted a new dialog like “update SIM” etc.
SIM1 then back and happy.
Finally, restarted also with other SIM in SIM2 to get fully up and running.

(To answer questions above, in case relevant to anyone else: was already on Android 9 and updating from Fairphone Open OS 21.08.00)


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