Lost icons at the bottom of the screen

This morning I turned on my fp3 + and I lost the icons at the bottom of the screen. I turned on and off more times, but nothing is changed (see the image). Can anyone help me? Thank you

Ah, I instantly recognize /e/OS’ launcher: Bliss

My experience with Bliss is that it’s quite an unstable mess, so personally the first thing I did was replace it (well, back when I ran /e/OS myself). But if you like Bliss otherwise, I’d suggest rebooting your phone and if that didn’t work ask on the /e/OS forum or chat (see Get Support - e Foundation - deGoogled unGoogled smartphone operating systems and online services - your data is your data) as I don’t think this is an issue unique to Fairphone but to /e/OS’ default launcher. There are definitely some /e/OS users on this forum too, but you may get an useful reply faster from the /e/OS community.


Bliss is just developed to drive people crazy

Thank you to all. In Settings => Apps and notifications => Bliss launcher = Storage & cache => Clear storage and Clear cache solve my problems!


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