Lost bootloader version, baseband version

Tried to flash stock ROM using TWRP following this guide
Maybe remove the battery to put SD card in the bad moment.
After it phone does not boot in fastboot mode and OS, adb does not see it as a device.

Any instructions?

Just follow the official guide:


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Your photo shows your phone in Fastboot Mode, and ADB doesn’t work in Fastboot Mode, only the fastboot command does.

The guide you followed is way old, and the OS file it links to is way old and not an official Fairphone release. This all came before Fairphone put out an official guide with the latest OS file themselves, else this old community guide wouldn’t have been necessary, as you can see there in further posts after the opening HowTo post.


Followed official guide. Unfortunatly I got “Segmentation fault: 11” error after …/FP3_flashall.bin run.
Maybe because I have macos 10.13.6.

Then trying 2 macbooks and 2 different cables and I did not able to see my device in

List of devices attached

Unfortunately I don’t have any Mac expertise. An internet search suggests the segmentation fault is rather generic, and a forum search doesn’t find anything quickly for me about why a device wouldn’t be found on a Mac (since you tried a different Mac and cable already).

Would booting a Linux Live DVD or USB stick work on a Mac to perhaps go the Linux route to install the OS? Or is there a Windows computer in sight? It seems pretty popular to run Windows in virtual machines on Macs, too, and Microsoft offers them for free with limited running time.

Since you are using Fairphone guides and tools now, you could contact Fairphone support … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us. Calling them usually gives faster results.


Running a Windows VM on Mac is definitely an option, I’ve seen that being used in the /e/ forum.

There is one important thing, though: you need to grant the VM USB access to the devices and you need to do that for both normal/adb mode and fastboot mode.
At least for installing /e/, as both modes are used.

To go back to the stock ROM I guess it is enough to grant USB access with the FP3 in fastboot mode.


Thank you to all!
This guide guide with win10 laptop helped me.

I still do not see bootloader numbers and baseband version. But I can live with it.


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