Lost all my pictures and videos

I never had any problems with my FP. But yesterday I suddenly lost all the photos and videos taken with the fairphone. There still are whatsapp-pictures, screenshots and favorits but my own photos disappeared. How could this happen? What can I do???

Are you looking in the gallery app for the phone for your photos? You could try the filemanager on your phone and check the Internal Storage, in the folder DCIM/Camera. Are there any files visible there?

No, nothing visible there :frowning:
All the pictures are lost…
I took some new photos to try out and I only see the photos I actually took.

@Langi_Zwofunf what happened? Did your phone reboot unexpectedly or did you get any error messages? Or any other unusual activity happening on your phone at the time that might have caused this?

Is it possible that an installed application, that has access to the filesystem deleted the files? I can’t imagine that this happened by the Fairphone OS, because it is very close to standard Android (for which these bugs are not known to me).

You can check the rights each application has in the settings.

I have no experience, but sometimes deleted files are recoverable, because the filesystem marks them as deleted (but as long as no new data is written there, the information is still accessible). You could check this link for some info, maybe it can help you recover some photo’s.

No nothing unusual. I wanted to send a picture with threema and I suddenly found out that there were no more pictures…
The photos are not so important. I even saved some a week ago. I would just like to know how this could happen…

It happend again. I also wanted to send a photo by using the threema-app. When I opend the gallery with treema, one folder of photos disappeared completely.


Definitely weird. Could it be the Threema app that is deleting them? Could you try testing it a little to see if it happens only when using the app?

The other thing to check, if you connect your phone up to a pc/mac, are they visible there or are the files definitely missing from the storage

Which version of Fairphone OS are you using out of interest?

The files are definitly missing from the storage. When it happend the first time, I used chestnut. When it happend the second time I used the new OS.


I am having the same problem. Now for the third time all my taken photos (not downloaded from whatsapp, fb, etc.) disappeared. It really sucks and I dont have any clue what could cause it.

I have flagged this issue to support, will post back when I hear anything

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