Losing GPS signal

Hi there, after 3.5 years without issues, all the sudden my gps is not working anymore. Basically, I am getting a “gps losing contact” error message immediately after i started for example runtatstic, a running app. Google Maps is also not working. I have installed a gps testing app, which confirms i canot establish a connection.

What to do? Worst case, if the hardware is defect, what module to change?

Many thanx,

That would be the Core Module unfortunately.

To rule out a software issue you could try #dic:testingmode, manually reinstalling the OS and/or a #dic:hardreset.

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Many thanks Paula! Unfortunately a software-reset leaves the problem unchanged. I have to assume its a a hardware problem then. The core module is really expensive and anyway currently not available in the shop…

The core module is not available in the shop because FP doesn’t want it to be bought in vain. You’d have to contact support to get one. Or you could try your luck in the unofficial #market.

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