LOS getting slower and slower

When I first installed LOS, I was pretty psyched about the performance improvements and extended battery life.
Right now, I am back at square one - the phone is sluggish and the screen-on-time until the phone powers down has dropped to approximately 50 minutes.
I suspect that one (or several) of my installed apps drain CPU and battery in the background. Is there any useful tool to analyze in this direction?
Or does anyone have any other helpful hints for me?

thanks :slight_smile:

  • running 05-23 build right now -

@Stefan Always recommends BBS (Better Battery Stats). I haven’t used it for long but it seems to work quite well.


Also someone here has recommended the system monitor (lite) app.

Thanks for the recommendations.
I think I have found the culprit - it was the (Facebook) Messenger App. Now that I uninstalled it, battery life and performance have improved a lot. It was constantly running in the background!


That´s a known issue to other users who faced this trouble earlier. So now you also know about it. You can find more posts and a solution about this using the search option but maybe want to read on here.

I recommend to not install any Facebook app, but I know some people must use it. Tinfoil for Facebook is lightweight and disables all the tracking and annoying stuff.

Paul’s advice is solid as well.

It seems that, the longer the OS runs, the more apps get installed and some of these have push functionality or other always-on functionality. Together, yes, they drain the battery.

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I also believe that memory fragmentation plays a role here as well.
This shows up with real-time operations like simply scrolling through a list
or swiping the screen.
Other than with conventional computer ram needing a regular refresh and therefore can be defragmented, NV ram chips as in mobiles don´t like being defragmented at all. Which therefore not necessarily mean always being well organized.
Anyone may perform a check on fragmentation on a ssd drive to see a surprise. But as access times are so low it does not have much influence in normal file read/write operations. (Nevertheless there are ssd models out there which does show significant slow-downs after some time of usage having reached a certain fill level which has a different cause though).

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Isn’t there also a facebook lite app (not sure if it includes messenger though).

Iirc this was an advice of some users here. But I am not with Facebook, simply use the search function and pretty sure you will find help in this issue as it is not new.

I can recommend MaterialFBook as a Facebook replacement. It has the messenger integrated.

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