LOS 14.1 vs 15.1 (vs FFOS 7.1 Beta)

Hi there,

I’ve got the FP2 for more than 2.5 years already.
As many, I got some issues at the beginning but it’s now working very well.
I’m running with LOS 14.1 last update + OpenGApps + root for Adaway since end 2017.
As I have no issue with my current system I was wondering if the upgrade to LOS 15.1 (+ OpenGApps + root) worth it or not?
Any opinion?
How is the system on the day to day?
Further to the system itself, any useful new functionally with Android 8.x?
Any issue that may me push to wait a little while for some details to be corrected?
If it works as well as the 14.1, even if it’s not changing a lot, a updated system may be better (for security purposes for example).

(and by the way, I don’t know if the ones testing the FFOS 7.1 Beta are allowed to comment, any difference between LOS 14.1 and FFOS 7.1 or it’s almost same same?)

Best regards.

Are there even any security updates for 14.1 anymore? Afaik 14.1 is not maintained anymore, so upgrading is highly recommended.


FPOS doesn’t have the LOS specific features (like privacy guard) and LOS doesn’t have most of FPOS’ Maintenance tools (only the proximity sensor tool).


No update since last July. It’s quite a shame that Lineageos does not allow this (2 versions at the same time).

By reading your message, I believe you’re quite happy with the update to LOS 15.1.

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Well maintaining two versions at the same time takes twice the effort and it doesn’t make a lot of sense, since the old version has no advantages to the new one.


I’m quite happy with Los15.1. Not really great differences, but some small nice things.
Btw, proximity sensor calibration and the checking program can be used in los, too.


For me, the only downside is the network standby issue, that drains the battery.

But when you live in an area with almost LTE all the time and/or Wifi access, the battery life is pretty good. Even better than with LOS 14.1, I think.


Interesting, I’ve installed the calibration and the checking program, but couldn’t start it. How do I do this? I’m on LOS15.1.

Maybe it depends on the launcher. I’m using Nova. You can install activities and “connections” or links to installed apps as widgets. Afaik this works in different launchers also. Somewhere here there was a discussion about it. I’ll try to find it

Edit: here Fairphone Checkup app on LineageOS

I do have the #reboot issue, which comes back to the new camera module.
Also I have problems with the connection of some Bluetooth devices. This is a little funny, as my Pebble has no problems connecting with the Phone at all.
I use it everyday and there is no other issue other than the two mentioned that bugs me.

Thank you, with the activity launcher everything works fine.

I have been testing both. LOS 15.1 looks great and fast but i had two issues : i didn’t succeed to install the opengapps, and my VPN Astrill was causing a system crash. There are some workarounds that i didn’t test yet, but for now I stay with LOS 14.1 until i have more time to try again.

Was this discussed already? Can’t seem to find it.
But you did download an ARM - 8.1 file to install for LineageOS 15.1?

Thanks for asking. No i didn’t ask sid since my main concern was Astrill at that time, which made me decide to keep LOS 14.1.
But yes, i downloaded ARM 8.1.

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