Looking to buy in USA

What product(s) are you looking for?

I am in need of test devices for my DivestOS.
I’m interested primarily in the FP2 and FP3 in working condition.
I reached out to Fairphone and was told to instead purchase a FP4 from Murena.

Where would it/they need to be shipped (country or city)?


Other, remarks:

I can pay via either Bitcoin or Monero.

I repost this to the Fairphone meeting Hamburg since there was one person who maybe has a FP2 left.

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Hey, I think I can send you one or two of the FP2s I still have here.

I don’t need them anymore and I will probably just send them to Fairphone for recycling one day. But they are still functioning + I like DivestOS (used it on an FP3 and really liked it - we were in contact about some location services details).

I don’t have any crypto currency wallet, but I don’t want to have any money for these old phones.

Idk if there are high shipping costs to the US (with customs and a device with a battery etc. …)?. :thinking:

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I checked a few months back and shipping from parts of EU to USA were around 30-50EUR.
It is generous for you to consider sending them for free, but I would prefer to compensate you for the shipping at the minimum.

OK then lets check the details via PM.

Just a pre-warning, I’m a bit busy this week and not at home until next monday.

Hi I have a spare fairphone 2, still in need?

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