Looking to borrow a FP3 battery in Amsterdam to backup my phone before repairs

After contacting FP support I have decided to send my FP3 in for repairs because of charging problems. I would like to make a backup first, but since my battery is out of power I cannot. Is there anyone in Amsterdam that can lend me their ( charged) FP3 battery for half an hour or so, so i can backup my data before sending it in?

I speak Dutch as well.

Many thanks! Best, Astrid

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Maybe an @angels_amsterdam member might help.
Or you might find someone at FP HQ :wink:


Je zou naar Fairphone kunnen bellen. Immers het hoofdkantoor zit in Amsterdam.

Cool, I did not know FP HQ offered this kind of support. Will call them on Monday. Thanks!

I tried HQ but because of the lockdown in the Netherlands, no one is actually at the office. So I am still looking to borrow a charged FP3 battery for half an hour or so. Is there an @angels_amsterdam member that can help?

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Can you not just do the backup whilst plugged in? or is the charging problem stopping all use of the phone?

What are the charging problems? and do new batteries come fully charged?


The problem is that my phone does not charge anymore while plugged in. I could use the phone if I had a some charge left in the battery, so that is what I am looking for top make a backup. It does not have to be a new battery, any working FP3 battery is fine. I thoroughly checked my chargers, they are working, those are not the problem.

I discussed the charging problems with FP support, their conclusion was to send it in for repairs. Long story short, I did not know there was water inside the phone and it messed up my hardware in a way that my phone is not charging anymore.

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You may like to consider a separate charger

I am sure my charger is working fine. It’s the water damage that is causing the issue.

True, but the external charger will allow you to charge the battery, so you don’t have to borrow one, but can proceed with your own - charged - battery.

Though you - obviously - have to consider, if you really need such a gadget.
Buying it for using it just this one time might not be the most sensible thing to do (money- and ecology-wise).

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Ah I understand now what it does, thanks @amoun and @BertG .
But I agree with BertG, I will only need it this one time so it’s not going to be worth the money.


Update: i couldn’t find a battery here, from our local angel nor through my social media. I brought my fp3 to a local repair shop for a check and to get the parts cleaned with alcohol against the water damage. They don’t have a battery either but managed to slightly charge it. They think the charger part in the bottom module broke. So I ordered a new bottom module. Hope that fixes it.

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