Looking for spare parts FP1 (Backcover)

I am looking for some spareparts since my FP1 got wet a few days ago. Could I also only buy the second FP1 that needs repair? I live in Den Haag so could easily pick it up, Utrecht would also be fine.

Which spare parts do you need?
Are you aware that you still can buy some parts of the FP1 in the webshop of Fairphone.

Thanks! I am now only looking for the back cover to cover the battery. I broke mine, so my phone is currently open from the back. I am interested in an extra battery oo.

Consider yourself lucky :slightly_smiling_face:
I have a back cover for you at no costs if you are willing to pay the postal fee.
From Tuesday I am in Tilburg. I can sent it then or you can pick it up.
Picking it up in Utrecht is also possible, but then you have to wait till Friday 11th October.

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