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I don’t know whether I’m right here, otherwise please move the issue. I am looking for a shopping app which is aware that a certain article may be on sake in different shops (e.g. I get my toothpaste both in my favorite supermarket as in my favourite drugstore, while I get organic noodles both in an organic food storeand a supermarket.

And what should be the purpose of the app?

I think the idea is that you could add a list of shops that you frequent and it displays the products you regularly buy with the output that an item is in stock so there’s no need to search each shop.

I don’t use shops for such products, but i would imagine having a basket of regular purchases from a shop an html cookie would bring up regulate items. So the app would bring up links to a number of websites that a user has registered on the app.

The main purpose is to get rid of paper notes and have a list of items at hand at every time and for all shops I regularly visit.

I would of course prefer a privacy friendly shopping app, like the Privacy Friendly Shopping List App developed at the KIT, but this app requires that I buy any item in always the same shop.

I once had a shopping app fulfilling my requirements, but this app is no more maintained and does not work any more.

What you describe looks like what these apps do:

Keep lists for items to buy at different shops you visit frequently. For each
item, you can enter which shop(s) it can be bought at and how much it costs at
each of them. Tracking this information is useful to do price comparisons and
plan your shopping optimally.

The application can track separate prices for each store that you use, and
features a high level of customization.

If not, you can always use an app like this one (https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.lolo.io.onelist/) to manage different shopping lists from the same screen.

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Sorry, these apps do not help: I tested both apps: Shopt is not maintained since more than 5 years and does neither work correctly on a Fairphone 2 nor a Fairphone 3. I did not manage to define shops in the OI shopping list, although the description says so. 1List or other list apps do not help at all and do not solve my problem.

I have tested already a fair number of shopping apps where the description sounded promising, but never succeeded. So I would prefer to get an answer from someone who hast he app recommended in use himself.