Looking for FP3 frame


Looking for undamaged Fairphone 3 frame, ideally with non-working main board. Accepting also whole non working device with undamaged plastic frame.

Extended description

I am looking for undamaged main frame for my Fairphone 3. My frame is pretty damaged and on some places held only thanks to its firm will and protective case. I would like to repair it without use of glue so I am looking for non working main module or complete Fairphone 3 for salvaging parts.


I live in Czech Republic and often travel to Germany (Saxony). However, I am willing to pay shipping through the Europe.

(I tried to contact support but they refused to provide only plastic frame for repair so I am trying to get some spare part this way.)

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I could part with a rear module, but cannot test its functionality (no cracks, looks-wise it’s completely intact) and no motherboard included. I acquired it for 12 Euros and would want this plus shipping.

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