Looking for FP3 / FP4 /FP5

My FP3+ was stolen on holidays so I am looking for a new one. I’d like to use the 3.5 mm jack for listning to music and I saw FP 4 /FP 5 doesn’t have this. I know it’s possible with an adapter but I’d have to check if it works with the music system of my (oldtimer) van. I’d like to buy a phone in the Netherlands so I could drive to you to see /listnen if it works.

I can get the adapter for 3.5 mm jack in advance if you want to sell me a phone. Preferably a FP3 <150 euro’s or a FP4/5 <450 euro’s .

Groetjes, Wendy

Hoi Wendy,

Even dat je het weet: je kunt via de website voor €500 een nieuwe FP4 kopen, en voor €440 een refurbished, allebei met 5 jaar garantie :slight_smile: Mocht het niet werken met je busje, dan kun je hem gewoon terugsturen (binnen de termijn van 14 dagen).


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Unfortunately, the 440 € option is out of stock. BUT if you haven’t bought a Fairphone in the Fairphone shop before, (probably :wink: ) harmen97 or I or others could give you a referral code for a 50€ discount – this would allow you to buy a refurbished FP4 for 450 € (instead of 500).

P.S.: Sorry to hear about the loss through theft :frowning: If you find the time, you could contact Fairphone Support to report your FP3+ as stolen (IF you can still find out its IMEI). They keep a list of such reported Fairphones so people interested in buying a Fairphone second hand can check if an offered Fairphone’s IMEI is in the list.


Thank you, I saw indeed that refurbished FP 4 is an option. But first I’ll check if someone wants to sell me one a bit cheaper which can also be a FP3. However the FP3 was in a weird way not so compatible with my sound system in the van and gave a background noise (I’ve tried with 3 different FP3). So maybe FP4 or 5 is a better option for me.

I did buy FP 2 and FP3+ from the shop here before, does this mean I would not get the discount or I would? I will look up the IMEI (somewhere in a box) but it was stolen in Buenos Aires and I don’t think the buyer there checks these IMEI numbers.

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