Looking for FP2 case and top module (headset connector)

My earphone plug broke off, so there is a part stuck in the headset connector.
Plus, my case can use replacement.
Neither are immediately necessary, since the case is still practically working, and most of the time I am using bluethooth headphones.
Still interested if someone is selling any or both of them!

Living in The Netherlands, by the way.

Have you had a look at iFixit’s FP2 teardown? I think there might be a chance that you might be able to push out the broken plug with a random pin if you disassemble your top module with a Torx T5 screwdriver. See the second photo in step 8 here, it looks as if the port is open at the bottom end: https://d3nevzfk7ii3be.cloudfront.net/igi/HnERZloP4DMvar5k.huge


Thanks @urs_lesse! Will definitely try that first, soon.
Tried to pry it out from outside, but somehow did not think of the inside, which is actually the charm of this beautiful device!

If you still need a top-module and/or case: I have both.

It’s an old top-module though, so not a 5MP-selfiecamera.
And I have two slimcases available - as they are used I would give them away for only the shipping costs:

  • coral red
  • turquoise (but with black buttons, not the blue ones)

Succeeded in removing the pin, @urs_lesse!

And sorry, @Einspieler, as far as my preferences really matter, those two colors are sadly the two I would rather not go for. But how much would the costs be to ship to The Netherlands?

I am thinking about getting a customised one as I found this url somewhere on the forums: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/funkyotherhalf, but if shipping will be a lot cheaper, I’m fine with any of the colors. :slight_smile:

At least thank you both for your time and advise!

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Shipping costs would be 4,89 (carbon-neutral 5,09) via dhl: https://www.dhl.de/en/privatkunden/pakete-versenden/weltweit-versenden/preise-international.html