[LOOKING FOR] FP2 camera module

Hi there,

My FP2 camera module is not working.

It came in 6 month ago and already started to make some graphic bugs. I thought it would get better and it was a software problem. But in octobre, it started to get worse.

So as a good FP person, I went and opened my FP to look into what could cause the trouble if it was material. I saw a kind of piece of paper coming out of the inside of the camera module.

As someone who thinks they can repair stuff, but actually can’t, I used a small pair of tweezers to get it out. It was paper indeed, and after that my camera started working again.

Obviously if I am here, it is clear it did not work long. I took out a new bit of paper once and then after some time it just stopped working.

FairPhone does not want to replace my faulty camera module because I tried to repair it, and even if they wanted they don’t have camera module anymore…

So I am looking for one. Please help :slight_smile:

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You have seen this advertisement in the marketplace?

Just in case:
You should contact the seller and exchange personal data by PM, so this data is not available to crawlers.


Also this one:

Although I am curious what that piece of paper was and where it came from exactly… I’ve certainly never seen anything that looked like paper in an FP2. It may be worth opening the module up to see if there has been some factory error in putting it together - there’s a flex cable and connector that may be improperly hooked up (see step 9 in this teardown).

If it’s broken and out of warranty anyway, there’s no harm in having a look inside. There really isn’t too much that can break inside one of these camera modules, and this may be an easy fix. Detach cable, clean contacts with IPA, reattach.


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