Looking for FP2 camera module

Hi guys.
I’m looking for a replacement camera module for my FP2. My phone can’t access the back camera module anymore.
Shipping to Germany.

Have you already tried some troubleshooting?

There are several posts to be found about camera problems and tips for troubleshooting using the search function.

Maybe also consider testing another camera app like Open camera e.g. from the play store.

You don’t say whether looking for 12MP or 8MP module, but could source an 8MP one if you didn’t mind covering shipping cost from UK.

Yes, I already tried the troubleshooting. Without success.
I just tried another app as well, but that didn’t change anything. The module can’t be found.

But thank you anyway

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Yes 8MP would be perfect. Would be great if you could send it to me.

Hi Marius,
Your FP2 camera module has now been delivered, hopefully this resolves your problem but provided you have backed up essential data, if still issues it can be worth a try to completely re-install device firmware.

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