Looking for FP2 Antenna (part of the core module)


Hi Everyone!
I have struggle with 3G/4G connection and therefore think of replacing the antenna. The antenna is a small part of the core module.
This might be interesting for people with a broken core module. You could either send me the broken core module or disconnect the antenna from it. It’s easy.
I live in Germany. Please leave me a message if you got something to sell me.

Thanks and regards,


Have you considered cleaning the connectors on the board? There might be oxidation there.


Hey, thanks for your nice suggestion. I have done everythink I can think of. Both, on software and hardware side :slight_smile:

So yes, I have disconnected the antenna and cleaned the connectors. Also, it’s definetly a hardware problem, as different versions of the OS and different sim cards have no effect on it. I hope it’s the antenna. If not, it’s a problem on the core module.

Do you have any other ideas?

BTW: 2g works perfectly, 3G works sometimes for about 10 minutes after I enable it. Afterwards i get no signal at all. If I switch to 2G only mode, i get signal again.

So fed up of it…


Hi, maybe this link will help you:

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