Looking for FP2 Antenna (part of the core module)

Hi Everyone!
I have struggle with 3G/4G connection and therefore think of replacing the antenna. The antenna is a small part of the core module.
This might be interesting for people with a broken core module. You could either send me the broken core module or disconnect the antenna from it. It’s easy.
I live in Germany. Please leave me a message if you got something to sell me.

Thanks and regards,

Have you considered cleaning the connectors on the board? There might be oxidation there.

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Hey, thanks for your nice suggestion. I have done everythink I can think of. Both, on software and hardware side :slight_smile:

So yes, I have disconnected the antenna and cleaned the connectors. Also, it’s definetly a hardware problem, as different versions of the OS and different sim cards have no effect on it. I hope it’s the antenna. If not, it’s a problem on the core module.

Do you have any other ideas?

BTW: 2g works perfectly, 3G works sometimes for about 10 minutes after I enable it. Afterwards i get no signal at all. If I switch to 2G only mode, i get signal again.

So fed up of it…

Hi, maybe this link will help you:

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