Looking For FP1 Display

Hi there,
is it true, that fairphone does´nt longer produce displays for fp1? Sorry, but i think, the idea was to: “not-buy-a-new-when-you-can-repair-the-old-one”? So.please fairphone: Put this stuff back into your shop!!! If anyone has a display for me, let me know!


Same thing here… I’ve asked fairphone about it and was very disappointed about their response: no production at the moment, look for second hand parts on the forum. Not even prepared to lower the price for FP2… The problem is that there is no alternative (yet). I’m a die-hard fan of the concept, so I won’t buy a Samsumg or iPhone anytime soon, but in the meantime, I’m stuck with a broken screen that -luckily- still works (for now).
So if anyone has a spare display, I’m in need of one…
Take care

It is not that they wouldn’'t want to. They just can’t find a manufacturer for the small batch sizes required.
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