Looking for Fairphone 3 screen

Hi! The strip conexion of my fairphone screen is broken and I would like to buy a second hand screen to repair it.

Hi @AnaB.G
Just to clarify: Are you looking to buy a working screen to replace your broken screen with, and you’re looking for a better deal than buying a new screen?
Or are you looking for a (possibly broken) donor screen to take the cable out of so you can repair and reuse your screen?

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My idea is to buy a working screen because I think it’s difficult to repair it changeing the damage part, the strip. I don’t know if it is possible to change just this part getting a broken screen. And I prefer second hand than a new one.

Then I won’t be able to help, unfortunately. I have a broken screen with the connector still intact, but I don’t see how you would transplant it, either. Good luck with your search!

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